uninstall PACE Antipiracy InterLok Extension (Mac)

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PACE Anti-Piracy provides technology that allows software and media publishers to enforce their product licensing terms. Here is how to uninstall pace anti piracy.

Pace Anti-Piracy can also be a trojan and an ads-supported software which installs itself without your consent. It acts like a media player in order to give you access to content and the service transmitted to you is not respectful of your privacy. If you have Pace Anti-Piracy, or another PACE security software installed on your computer, please read our guide for help on how to remove it safely : uninstall pace anti piracy.


If any Software is installing PACE, you’ll get a warning Screen you have to confirm warning
For Uninstalling PACE, you have to go to the download page an download the relevant installer package. It’ll be an image (dmg), which contains an uninstaller (uninstall_extension.command). Just doubleclick it command
and you’ll notice a script running in the Terminal (Terminal opens). Confirm all questions and you are done terminal echo
Not at all, the deamons are gone but some files are still pesting your harddrive not all files are gone
the last you have to remove not all files are gone

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