Free Hi-Res Mobile Wallpaper for iPhone oder Android

I offer free iPhone and Mobile Wallpapers for your mobile devices. I provide a variety of backgrounds for your mobile devices. These backgrounds are all high quality and come in a wide range of categories. You can download these backgrounds in full-res to your device with just one click from my google drive.

All backgrounds and wallpapers were created by Midjourney AI. See links below the images to get the full-res sized images.

Luminous Colours

Full-Res Images here: Google Drive

Luminous Dreams with Vibrant Energy

Link to full-res images below

Full-Res Images here:

Dark Red Glowing Textures for your Mobile Wallpaper

There’s nothing quite like a dark red glowing texture to make your mobile wallpaper look amazing. Add some intrigue and mystery to your phone with these stunning textures. Ditch the standard wallpaper on your phone and get a little tech-y with these dark red glowing textures. They’ll making you look like a total badass.

Halloween 2022 Mobile Wallpaper

Mobile Wallpaper 42/2022

Mobile Wallpaper 36/2022

Full-Res Images here:

Mobile Wallpaper 35/2022

Full-Res Images here:

Full-Res Images here:

Mobile Wallpaper 34.3/2022

Click on the images to get free full-res size.

Wallpaperwednesday 34.2/2022

Link to full-res images:

Mobile Wallpaper 34/2022

Full-Res Images here:

Wallpapers Week 33/2022

Link to full-res images:

Wallpapers Week 33.2/2022

Link to full-res images:


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