MassReplaceIt ist ein Tool dass hunderte von Dateiendungen umbenennen kann, oder in einem langen Text gezielt bestimmte Wörter austauschen kann. Nix neues, kann doch jeder Texteditor werden viele sagen. Das mag auch Stimmen, aber MassReplaceIt bietet eine überschaubare Anzeige, wo denn etwas geändert werden soll…

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Have you ever wanted to change the extension of hundreds of files at once? Or have you ever needed to change an email address on 50 different pages of a website? Then MassReplaceIt is the tool for you.MassReplaceIt takes a list of files, searches either their contents or their filenames, and replaces every occurrence of your search term with something else. Not only that, but it provides numerous features and options to give you control over the changes you want to make.For example, you can optionally create a mask to filter which files are searched. Say you have a folder with thousands of documents inside it, but you only want to search html files modified in the last week. MassReplaceIt makes it easy to do this.

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