what you should have done if you are a MyBook-World owner

The WD MyBook World Edition Drives are smart and cheap, but strongly slow and noisy!! BUT you are able to change it!

The speed of the filetransfer is just low as about 4MB/s, no matter if 100Mbit or 1GBit conected. If you’ll have a look at the cpu usage, you’ll know why. Further the mybook has all RAM in use, so it has to swap all the time. This causes high CPU temp and noisy fan running and not spinning down the hdds.

so what to do?

  • Install Patch for activating SSH. The whole process doesn’t require hard drive disassembly. It does not even require physical access to the drive. It works fine on every WD MyBook WE models (both I and II, capacities from 320GB to 2TB).
  • Reducing disk usage by turning unnecessary stuff off. There are many running services in your MBWE that access the disks, thus making it spin up when it really shouldn’t. I addition, they are using memory, which the MBWE doesn’t have to spare. Here we’ll turn some of them off.
  • Install NFS Server for getting more speed for filetransfer. Get the files, unzip them to /sbin (portmap) and /usr/sbin (all the other) and follow this instructions
  • for unzip i.E. you need to install optware

thanks to Tim!

Autor: Viktor Dite

Veröffentlicht am: 30.10.2008

Letztes Update: 08.03.2012

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