my ultimate free delicious tools collection for a mac

In any case is a great tool for bookmarking important links. For daily use there are great desktop apps, that can optimize your workflow for efficiency-raising bookmarking.

  • First, twitter is the most used »link sharing tool« for me, right now. So it is important to have an ability to share my twitter links with my delicious account for not having redundancy. That for i am using — any links i’m posting on twitter prefixed by @tagthis or containing #tagthis are added automaticly to my Delicious account yet. All Tags prefixed with # are used to be tags in the delicious entry. For the future it would be nice, if the post on twitter will be used as the description in the delicious entry. Yet the title of the webpage is saved only.
  • screenshot-6Further, for managing a delicious account, cocoalicious is the best (free) way to do. Cocoalicious is a client for Mac OS X. It acts as a desktop interface to your bookmarks. You are able to delete, edit and !! index !! all your posts by spotlight.
  • screenshot-7Than, if you are interested if all your old links are still reachable, you may use dead.licious. dead.licious is a tool for verifying that all of your bookmarks in your, ma.gnolia, or Simpy accounts are still valid and gives you the option of removing or fixing those dead links.
  • delish_screen_thumbFor browsing your delicious bookmarks delish ($9) may help you. All of your links, tags, and bundles from are previewed with high – resolution thumbnails of the pages. It helps you to search links, and tags quickly. It keeps searches as smart bundles, if you want, too.

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