How to still pin Flickr Pictures on Pinterest

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On request of the users, Flickr embedded the „No Pin“ metatag that prevents to pin Flickr pictures on pinterest.

How good for Flickr that now its users are the ones getting eggs in their faces! Because now ALL copyright protected Flickr pictures can’t be pinned on pinterest anymore – or so they say.

»Pinterest Opt-Out: bad ideapeople will just pin screen shots (no trackback) or not share your stuff at all« @natalievenuto
Therefore, this metatag is simply useless! Just as on Facebook, the metatag can simply be bypassed, so that once can continue to pin pictures on pinterest!

How to continue to pin Flickr pictures on pinterest.

OK, guys and girls, i’ll not showing you how to do. But all you need is just to think a bit closer! You’ll get it!

I did not write this to appeal for a collective infringement of copyright! No, instead I write it, to point out how absolutely useless the new metatag is when it is about protecting the copyright and avoid the infringement of copyright! As long as pictures on servers are issued as static URLs, there will always be a simple way to continue to pin on pinterest and others and in thus spread the pictures!

Who bypasses the blockade has a juridical problem, and that is what it is all about@djvbb

As @natalievenuto already phrased it so nicely „people will just pin screen shots (no track back) on pinterest“ this metatag is a complete waste of effort! Because now the infringement of copyright will even increase, as the pinner don’t have to declare the signifier of the original anymore like before on pinterest. Moreover, they will continue to pin on pinterest, with or without protection!

Now it is copyright + Flickr = limitations

To my mind, until now Flickr had the best system for the regulation of copyright. One could always see clearly if the picture was under CC or under a © license.

From now on, I, as the author, HAVE to go for the CC license if I don’t want to anticipate the emerging of my pictures! That means I can’t upload my copyright protected picture anymore and hope it emerges!

To be honest, where is the infringement of copyright on pinning on pinterest, Facebook or Googel Plus? The picture is already publicly available – otherwise the pinner couldn’t have opened it on Flickr and see it to begin with! The picture wasn’t edited! The pinned picture has a link back to the original! The picture wasn’t used in a different context (like for example in Blogs to back up theories etc.)
The picture was just shown, to share it with others. If I print the picture and show it to my 200 friends I won’t commit an infringement of copyright!

In my honest opinion, Flickr needs an upgrade! I, as an author, have to have the chance to skip the metatag … As it is now, the copyright is just ball and chain – in the eyes of the users AND the authors!

flickr bilder auf pinterest pinnen

So lassen sich flickr Bilder auf pinterest pinnen

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